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Krick Modelltechnik company philosophy

Klaus Krick Modelltechnik - a family-owned company that has been dedicated to model making since 1953.

A long entrepreneurial tradition still characterizes the mission statement of the company Klaus Krick Modelltechnik. At that time, when in 1953 the company founder Klaus Krick from the company of his father, the Ferdinand Krick Verlag outsourced the model making business and founded the company Krick Modelltechnik in Leipzig. Since that time, Krick Modelltechnik stands for innovative products in the modeling industry, which have always been oriented towards giving model builders and model operators something special or particularly good in their hobby.

Today, under the direction of Matthias Krick since 1994, the internationally operating company has developed into one of the richest suppliers of ship model articles and crafting materials for model making. The motto of Klaus Krick, his model builders and retailers "model making of the best" always in the fastest possible and easy way to deliver, has remained top-topical and unchanged today.

The long-standing and experienced team of employees at Krick is always anxious to satisfy you as a customer and is always reoriented to the wishes of the model makers. Here, the model is always in the foreground. We do not want to replace building with pure play and consumption. Rather, it is important to consider the path to the goal as the real hobby. And this way should be designed as comfortable as possible.

From the very beginning, the production of our own designs and products has always been an integral part of the company. But even as a wholesaler and importer, the company has developed very strongly. In the meantime, around 12,000 model articles of any type and manufacturing process are available. Since the 80s, the well-known jigsaw from the model making workshops has almost disappeared. Krick-Modelltechnik has been focusing on laser technology at a very early stage in its kits and has consistently developed this technology together with its partners.

In addition to the own brand krick, a further own brand roMarin has developed since 2015 through the takeover of the ship model division of the company Robbe Modellsport, which has once again given great impetus to the growth of Krick. These products fit perfectly into the range and offer a great complement to ship model products made in Germany.

Be inspired by our catalog or our range of products on the Internet and develop your individual product. The main thing is, you enjoy your hobby model making.


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